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North Winston NC Locksmith Store, North Winston, NC 336-573-8912Most of our clients do not even know what a transponder key  is? Do you? These keys are those that power up your ignition, thus allowing you to operate your car. We at North Winston NC Locksmith Store, are amongst the few locksmith providers who specialize in making and offering solutions related to these keys. The community has banked on us for a wide range of lock & key solutions. 

How do they Work?

So, how do they work? There is a receiver in the car that detects signals that are sent out by the chip in the key. The signal carries a unique code which then gets verified and thus, the command to disable the immobilizer is sent out, which allows the operation of the car. This process is being explained here so that you know the kind of issues that can actually crop up with respect to these components.

Issues with Transponder Key 

We constantly give tips to our clients for the safety of the automobile. We always recommend that when they service their car, they should also get the health of their keys checked. We have had instances where people’s transponder key stopped working while they were on a picnic and sometimes we have got calls about the failure of the keys at very odd locations. Also, nowadays thieves and menace maker know about the technology and know how to make duplicates and break through the code.

North Winston NC Locksmith Store’s Transponder Key Solutions

We at North Winston NC Locksmith Store are fully prepared to deal with and give solutions to any of your concerns. We have a team of locksmiths, engineers and technicians who are a great help with any type of issue your automobiles have.

Emergency Team

Most of our client's requests for solutions for new keys come at odd hours and from odd places. Hence, we have a team of locksmiths in emergency mobile vans. These emergency vans are equipped with the best tools, technology and some of the finest engineers to make new keys for you instantly.

The next time you have any issue with your car locks, need to get the batteries replaced but do not have time for it or for any other reason, just call us in and we will be there to assist you. Call us now!